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We want the best for and the best from everyone in our learning community

Mission Statement & Aims

At Swallownest Primary School we are focused on preparing our children for their future. Our vision and goal for the school, underpinned by our strategic pillars and core values, are illustrated below:




We are clear on our vision and goal for Swallownest Primary School.  Our strategic pillars are important to achieving this; here is a bit more information on them:


Attainment & Progress:

  • high attainment and good progress throughout the school across all subjects, ensuring our children receive the best possible outcome for them.



  • strong effective leadership and management at all levels.



  • inspirational teaching practice and outstanding learning in all classes, embedding within our children a thirst to learn and achieve their full potential.
  • a highly trained and motivated workforce.



  • financial management systems linked to educational initiatives / outcomes.


Our strategic pillars are not mutually exclusive; they complement and enable each other and are the foundation on which the success of our school will be built.


To help us achieve our aims, within our philosophy of partnership with parents, we ask you to:


  • be supportive of the aims of our school, our philosophy and practice

  • contact us if you have any queries, concerns or any issues you wish to discuss

  • attend our parents evenings and other occasions to discuss your child’s progress

  • ensure your child is punctual and attends school regularly

  • keep us fully informed of any changes of circumstances so we can be responsive to your child’s needs