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We want the best for and the best from everyone in our learning community


It is our school policy that all children wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours. We provide a complete list of the items needed for school uniform in our school prospectus. Children should have appropriate clothing for PE – again comprehensive and common sense guidance is given in the school brochure (updated as appropriate by circular letter to parents.)


Our policy on school uniform is based on the notion that school uniform:


  • promotes a sense of pride in the school;

  • engenders a sense of community and belonging towards the school;

  • is practical and smart whilst being reasonably priced.

  • identifies the children with the school;

  • prevents children from coming to school in fashion clothes that could prove both excessively expensive for some parents and socially divisive in class;

  • makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance;

  • is regarded as suitable wear for school and good value for money by most parents;

  • is designed with health, safety and suitability in mind – especially in PE.

To view the full Uniform Policy, please click on the following link: Uniform Policy


School uniform with our logo can be purchased via the following methods: