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We want the best for and the best from everyone in our learning community

Year 3

Year 3 (Egypt) Class Page


Autumn Term

Our aim is for the children to feel safe and happy to come to school and to make progress in all areas of their development.  Activities and tasks are structured to encourage increasing independence and responsibility for their learning.

If you have any concerns about your child`s learning or wellbeing please do not hesitate to come in to discuss them with us.


Our Autumn Term Topics


First half of the Autumn term

Ancient Egyptians - History

Through this topic we will discover who the Ancient Egyptians were, why they were so important and what the Ancient Egyptians left behind for us to discover.  Through this topic we will focus on our History skills such as understanding aspects of past events beyond our memory and why people in the past acted as they did.


Rocks - Science

Through this unit the children should extend their knowledge of the range of materials we use and of the properties that characterise them. This knowledge should help them recognise what needs to be considered when a material is chosen for a particular use.


Second half of the Autumn term

Natural Disasters - Geography

During this topic we will explore maps around the world and the incidents where they occur, it’s effect on the area and what makes it unique.


 Animals including humans - Science

Through this unit, children will learn different life cycles and the how the animals kingdom is classified.




Children are encouraged to read both independently and with the class teacher in Year 3, there is a growing move towards the comprehension of the text and studying the words chosen by the author.


Children are also asked to read every day at home and have their reading diary signed by an adult, raffle tickets are given on a daily basis. These go into a prize draw to win a book on Friday.



Cursive handwriting is taught all the way through school and by year 3 the children will be coming more confident with their cursive style.


Writing types are often taught through cross curricular subjects, for example we will be looking at narratives, diaries and newspaper reports during this term.


Spelling in Year 3 follows the National curriculum and the children are given weekly spellings to learn for a spelling test on Friday morning. Spelling patterns and rules are also taught and practised in class.


Grammar and punctuation are also key features of literacy in Year 3.

Topics taught cover the correct use of tense, homophones, fronted adverbials and the punctuation used with them as well as the correct use of possessive apostrophes  



In this term the Year 3 focus will be place value and the four areas of calculation.  Attention will also be given to securing the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables.




This term our focus will be on Christianity. In the first half term we will discover what Jesus’ life was like, the stories that he told, the things he did.  In the second half of the term we will explore what rules Christians follow, how does giving to charity help our neighbours and the importance of the church as a place of worship.



Firstly, Getting on and falling out which will address the themes of friendship and co-operation as well as strategies to solve and prevent conflicts and disagreements.

Secondly, Changes which will allow the children to explore their worth as individuals, their talents and unique qualities. 



Children learn days of the week and months of the year.



During this term the children will be taught by the sports coach and develop their ball and team

skills through football.  In addition, they will learn how to work on controlling their bodies through floor gymnastic routines.  PE days will be Wednesday and Thursday.



This will continue to be given out on a Friday to be completed and back in school by Wednesday.