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We want the best for and the best from everyone in our learning community

Year 4


Welcome to Class 4 or Class Japan!


Introducing the new teacher


My name is Miss McKay and I am very excited to say I am the new Year 4 teacher at Swallownest Primary School. I am looking forward to working with Class 4 and supporting them with their learning journey and future ambitions with the help of Mrs Windsor. I really want to involve parents/carers in their child’s learning and therefore I would like to announce I will have an open-door policy at mutually convenient times e.g. at the end of the school day and so if parents or carers have any problems, concerns or queries they are more than welcome to come and speak to me. Similarly, I will do the same in aiming to be on the school playground in the morning and at the end of the day at the beginning of the school year.


Aims for Y4

In Year 4 we aim to support each other in achieving our full potential, breaking down any barriers to learning and allowing opportunities to flourish and believe in any future ambitions they may carry. A further aim is to continue to build on a team atmosphere within the classroom, where each child’s opinion is respected and valued by all members. This is something we have already agreed on in our class rules.


Autumn Term1

In the first two weeks of term, Class Japan will be learning all about their class country and embracing the Japanese culture. This will involve: comparing our school lives to those in Japan, looking at landmarks and symbols, great opportunities for Art and DT projects as well as learning about the famous type of Japanese poetry- Haiku’s.

For this half term our topic is the Amazing Aztecs. We have planned lots of exciting and challenging tasks which will allow children to find out all about the life of the Aztecs and allow them to develop any previous knowledge they have.

In English, we will dive into the scrumdiddlyumptious world of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We will be working on our descriptive writing skills through character and setting descriptions based in the novel. Will any of Class Japan be lucky enough to receive Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket? We are also extremely lucky to be celebrating Roald Dahl Day as a whole school on the 13th of September.


In Science, we will be looking at States of Matter. We will be classifying every-day materials into solids, liquids and gases and learning all about the particles involved. Our experiments will look at changing the state of materials when heated or cooled. We will also be learning about the water cycle!!

Maths will focus on place value and addition and subtraction. In addition to this there will be a regular quiz each week on times tables as by the end of Y4 we would like all children to be secure in all times tables up to 12x12.


Autumn Term 2

After October half term, we will become geographical explorers of the coasts and cities in Great Britain. We will name and locate cities of Great Britain using maps and atlas’ and use geographical fieldwork to identify their human and physical characteristics of their local area to Great Britain and beyond.


In Science our topic will be Animals, including humans. We will learn all about the simple functions of the digestive system and the different types of teeth. I don’t want to reveal too much about how they will learn this but it’s sure to be exciting and just a little bit gruesome. Class Japan will also begin to learn about food chains and become confident in identifying the producer, predator and prey.


Maths will focus on measurement- length and perimeter and multiplication and division. A regular quiz on their times tables will continue each week so we strongly encouraged Class Japan to keep practicing at home. Below I’ve attached some links which can help with this.


Parents and carers can also download the Seesaw App which will be regularly updated with their child’s learning and snapshots of the latest classroom additions/displays.



Homework will be given out on a Friday and should be brought back in the following Wednesday. Any queries don’t hesitate to contact me.


Children need to regularly practice their reading at home. Please encourage this by signing their reading diary every-day.

There will be a spelling test each week, I will confirm the day of the test in September with parents/carers. Spellings will be sent out to parents and carers the week before so they can practice these.



PE will take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday. The topic for Autumn Term 1 is floor gymnastics with Miss McKay on Tuesday and football with Mr Rocket on Wednesday. Please make sure children have their PE Kits appropriate for the sport and a water bottle, if possible. Any queries, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Useful links

Below I have attached some useful links which will help children in Class 4 with their learning this year:

Maths- - This is a great for a 5 minute test on those tricky times tables. This is a huge focus for Class 4 this year and would be greatly supported by 5 minutes on a resource such as this. /KS2,uk


Spellings for Y3/4- (Page 16)